Your privacy is very important to us. We have developed this data protection policy so that you can understand how we collect, use, store, share, transmit, transmit, erase or otherwise process your personal data (collectively “process”).

Collection and processing of your personal data

Compliance with European data protection legislation and any other applicable local data protection legislation.

We are obliged to comply with any applicable personal data legislation, and we guarantee that it will be collected and processed in accordance with the provisions of European data protection legislation and any applicable Local laws.

We do not collect and process personal data without a legitimate reason. The collection and processing of your personal data may be necessary for the execution of a contract in which you are a party or to comply with a legal obligation that rests with us. Collection and processing may also be possible with your prior consent. The collection and processing of your personal data may also represent the legitimate interests of “Jean Vanderseijpen landscape architect”.

If the applicable legislation requires so, we will ask for your prior consent (e.g. before we collect sensitive personal data).

Your personal data is collected for specific, expressly defined and justified purposes such as accounting and tax management, risk management, customer relationship management, quotations, sales and marketing management, supply control, internal and external communication and management of event.

Security of your personal data

We take the appropriate technical and organizational measures required to protect your personal information from accidental or unlawful alteration or loss, or unauthorized use, communication, access, in accordance with our policy Information security.

If necessary, we shall take all reasonable measures that comply with the principles of data protection by design (“Privacy by Design”) and data protection by default settings (“Privacy by default”) in order to ensure the necessary safeguards to implement and protect the processing of personal data.

Sharing your personal information

We may also be obliged to communicate personal data to competent authorities, courts and government bodies, under the law or regulations or in the context of legal proceedings, as well as to the interests, rights or property of Sodexo or of third parties which we are committed to defend.

In other cases, we will not share your personal information with any other party, except on your request or if we have received your consent beforehand.