• Our invoices are payable at Dilbeek, on the bank account stated on the invoices, within 14 days after issuance and this without discount.
  • Advance invoices: an advance of 30% of the total project will always be invoiced at the start of the project. As the project progresses, 2 interim invoices will be sent of 30% each and when the project is completed, the final invoice will amount 10%. If additional services are agreed upon during the project, these will also be billed according to this pattern.
  • When the prospect/customer requests a handmade design, a fixed rate of Euro 1000 will be charged if the prospect/customer cancels the planned project. The Euro 1000 is deduced in the total project amount when projects are handled by us.
  • Under penalty of nullity, any complaint relating to the invoice or the invoiced performance must be sent by registered letter to our operating office (Hooghofstraat 8 in 1700 Dilbeek) within 8 days of the invoice issuance. A complaint does not waive the obligation to pay within the foreseeable period. Any invoice that has not been protested within 8 days shall be deemed to have been accepted by the customer.
  • Subject to our prior written derogation, any payment by us may be charged to the oldest invoice and priority is given to any lump-sum compensation payable in respect of the invoices and the Interest.
  • In case of non-payment of one or more invoices on the due date, the amount due will be payable automatically from the expiry of a conventional delay interest of 8% per month, without any prior notice required. In addition, a flat-rate compensation for administrative costs will be charged of 10% on the invoice amount, with a minimum of Euro 250. Furthermore, by non-payment of a single invoice, the payment of all other outstanding invoices will be immediately due, even before their expiration date.
  • In case of late payment of the invoices, we reserve the right to suspend and/or permanently terminate all ongoing performances. Any interest, fines and increases resulting from the suspension or termination of our performance in the case of late payment cannot be placed at our expense.
  • The general terms and conditions of «Jean Vanderseijpen – Landscape Architect» take precedence over those of the client and unless otherwise specified, the client waives his own terms and conditions.
  • The settlement of all disputes arising out of the agreement or relating to the payment of invoices is governed by Belgian law and is exclusively the jurisdiction of the courts of Brussels.